I bought a coffee machine yesterday. Before yesterday we used a Chemex in combination with a hand coffee grinder at home. So that means I had to workout every weekend to brew some coffee. There was also a time when I did an Instagram video of the coffee dripping. That video was nice, because I also have this hipster drip kettle that totally transforms your coffee making process. Don’t get me wrong, I believe the coffee tastes better, when you use that kettle over a standard plastic one. But jeez I have a kid now and I don’t have the time to celebrate that whole coffee making shizzle anymore.

So I made the decision to buy a coffee machine. And y’all be thinking now – what kind of freakin’ awesome espresso machine I got. You know what, we have a machine like that in the office and that’s OK. Don’t need that at home. At home I want that fine coffee taste that I remember from drinking coffee with my grandma. So I dreamed big and bought a Krups machine for 30 euros. And some coffee filters and some coffee. With Prime Now, because that’s how you do it these days. And after two hours I was making coffee like my grandma used to make. And I had some marble cake with it. And it was good.