Is this thing on?

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post. I was busy getting married, building a house and keep working on our little agency The house is built, I have a ring on my finger and now I can go back writing blog posts that maybe one or two people in the world find interesting.

Since a couple of months I started doing web development again and I deeply enjoy it – although I have to fight hard to please our Head of Development as my coding skills definitely got a bit rusty. My strong advice to all agency founders: keep doing client work and really design or code stuff. It helps you staying aware of problems and issues your employees face. It helps you stay connected to your team and it also supports your chats with clients as you better know what the heck you are talking about. After spending a lot of time only designing and writing slide decks coding was a much anticipated change for the better and I will try my best tp at least work on projects half of my time.

So much for digital work. When you’re working with computers a lot, everyone will tell you that it’s nice to have a counterpart, a hobby like jogging or so. First of all to stay active and second of all to stay sane. Looking at screens the whole day really makes you mad and grumpy at some point. Because I was building a house I needed to take care of very different activities. Things I did:

  • laying six meters of pipe
  • pouring a foundation for our heating pump
  • using an angle grinder
  • using a circular saw to construct formwork for the foundation
  • plastering the plinth
  • building a path to our house

And you know what? I deeply enjoyed going through all of that. And I never even dreamed of doing this kind of work because I was never good at it and was never keen to even try it. I am really happy that I gave it a shot and confident to do more of these things in and around our home. What happens next, more blog posts? Likely. For now this is just a sign that this site is still alive and that I am trying my best to keep up writing in general. I have a lot of ideas for posts but no need to push myself.