Just another day

It’s been a while since I last wrote anything on my blog. Mainly because these days I just don’t know what to write about. Nothing is happening except everything is happening at once. The pandemic is leaving its mark on everyone’s face and mood. It’s hard to go a day without worrying about another surge of infections. And I’m so annoyed with our politicians in Germany. One can hardly bear it anymore. I turn away, try to avoid the news but that’s also not a solution. I am happy about my family, without them I would have fallen into a very deep hole. Life goes on.

Work is also not what it used to be. It feels like you have to be even stronger for everyone now, set a good example, encourage your own people. Some days, though, I just want to scream. Always stay calm. It’s hard.

And then my daughter comes storming into my office and rips my thoughts apart and everything is good again. I’m back again. And my batteries are recharged too, somehow. I think about vacation. I’d like to get away again, but far away. Maybe even work from the road. Before the kids are in school, we’d actually have to do something like that. Maybe we’ll get our vaccination in the next two years. Life goes on. And someday, somehow, it will continue with this blog. Maybe next week. Or later. When every day feels like the last, what difference do a few months make.