Quick update

When I started to blog again I thought about switching my CMS from GetKirby to Statamic but then again I changed my mind. I did some updates and improvements instead, that are quite handy.

Updates for SEO

I found this useful SEO plugin for GetKirby that I am now using to write better meta descriptions and generally put more thought into SEO as well. The plugin also adds a nice Google preview and displays character limits for both the meta title and description.

RSS, what?

Yep, my blog did not have an RSS feed. What a faux pas! I fixed that and now you should be able to add my feed to your reader. Back to good, right?


I realized that my article overview page got longer and longer. Well, I forgot to add a pagination so I also added that now. I kept it simple and just added links to previous and next posts.

Articles -> Blog

I called my blog articles before and I decided that it’s kinda weird. Also because I want to embrace to good old blog. So I renamed it. And yes, I also added proper url redirects from the old articles to the new blogs path.

Bye, bye, food blog

Yep, I said that I would remove my food blog from my website and I did. Right when I am being honest with myself, I have no intention to revive it anytime soon. Because the only food I’ll be making in the next couple of months will be smashed carrots and potatoes. #DadLife

That’s a wrap, everybody. See you later.