In the middle of a redesign

This very site is in the middle of a redesign. I simply couldn’t take the old codebase anymore so I pulled the plug and started from scratch. The new design is not yet finished and what you’re looking at is a bare version with only a little bit of styling so it’s at least readable. I was inspired by Frank Chimeros approach to redesign my website in the open. That feels very 2020 to me and like the right choice.
I always have the idea that I write more just because I give my writing a better presentation which is very foolish and never true so I do my best to continue blogging while I am redesigning this place. Technically I haven’t changed much. The site still runs beautifully on the excellent file-based CMS Kirby and I am not gonna change that anytime soon although I thought about Statamic in a weak moment. (Just because I really like the CMS interface ...) I removed SASS completely and write pure CSS now, which feels great. I don’t use any JavaScript as of now, because I don’t need it and I got rid of Google Analytics and Matomo tracking because there’s no need for it. I am just hoping users will tell me if they find something interesting and I don’t have any monetisation plans for this site at all so away with tracking every click.
My site is hosted on Fortrabbit now which was an easy five minute setup and every GIT commit to my master branch will automatically be deployed to the live server. Wonderful. Yes I know I could use GitHub workflows to just push the code to any server via SFTP but spending 10 minutes on figuring out how to do that felt already like too much time. So daily wisdom here: don’t get yourself blocked by stupid shit like that if it means postponing a launch or something. You can easily figure that out after you already launched because it’s already out there and that feels good and there you go.
Now back to my blog. I started about five posts recently and I still don’t know if I should pursue publishing them. Probably I waited to long to get them out there but in the end I know this is my website and who cares right? Just keep writing stuff and don’t think about whether it’s right or wrong to post this one thought you have in your head. Thing is I’d really like to write long-reads with footnotes and research and all of that but I got no time for that so I rather wing it really.

So that’s about it for now. I try to post new stuff once in a while and continue designing this place. Until next time. Bye.